2019 Omagari Hanabi

About Us

Omagari Hanabi Design Team is a collaborative team of four fireworks companies located in Daisen, Akita where the Omagari Hanabi is held.

The reason behind our greatest shows is that our entire companies produce high-quality and safe shells. Each company has a history of winning national fireworks competitions.

Working together with four such top companies creates open innovation; we enhance each other’s skills by regularly collaborating to design shows.


Our Advantages

Since we are located in Omagari, a city where fireworks are displayed every month, we regularly collaborate to design the show. We are competitors with each other, yet we share knowledge, skills, and experiences. By doing so, we constantly innovate new and creative fireworks shells and shows.

Our fireworks are the top quality in Japan.
We always receive awards in fireworks competitions.
They are very safe without any accidents. We also produce eco-friendly shells with perchlorate-free
and materials returned to nature.


We had a show in West Germany in 1987 during the Berlin Wall. It proved that there is no wall in the sky. We have realized that our Hanabi can bring peace by uniting people across such political and social divides. We strive that our show creates a moment when all people look up at the sky and have a connection of the heart.

Achievements (overseas only)

1979: Bonn, West Germany
1987: Berlin, West Germany
1987: Dusseldorf, West Germany
1996: Budapest, Hungary, national 1,100th anniversary
2002: Seoul, South Korea, commemorate the start of regular flights between Korea and Japan
2003: Seoul, South Korea
2015: Naan, Thailand, celebration the birthday of Princess Sirindhorn

Our Team

*Alphabetical order


International Business Division of Hibikiya Omagari Fireworks Co, Ltd.
TEL +81-187-63-2848
1-5 Nagane Hasaba Aza Nagatoro Daisen Akita 014-0206 Japan